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The Publisher’s Pursuit

A not-so-long time ago, in a land not so far away, publishers in the online games industry yearned for a better way to monetize on their existing game. The publishers were tired of unsuccessful campaigns and they yearned for a way to advertise without risking money. They looked around at neighboring kingdoms of unmonetized players and thought “there must be some way we can do more, if only we could get pay only for successful campaigns.Thankfully for the publishers, there is a great solution paying only on performance and  connecting the masses of unmonetized players, from quality and trustworthy affiliates, with the world of your products. The key? Ludus!

Get ready to Find Players That Want YOUR Games, Convert Them Quickly and Monetize Effectively!

The folks at Ludus are both online games experts and marketing experts with a deep understanding of the industry. Ludus helps publishers:

  1. Get traffic to their games
  2. Monetize their existing games by matching them with the best converting, targeted traffic from pre-screened affiliates that play by the rules.

Proven Tools For Increased Engagement

LTV (Life-Time Value) for social gaming players is higher than ever and still rising. Take a good game and match it with quality traffic and we’re talking about the ability to convert quickly and retain for a long time. It’s becoming more and more difficult to find good partners in the online games industry. We will help you get more users, more traffic, and expose your game to premium affiliates with relevant traffic. Affiliate marketing is like using hundreds of marketers working for you on a success-only basis. Let’s say 100 players install your game and now you need to make money out of them. We all know that 1-5 from those 100 will pay money for your game but what would you do with the other 95?? We’ll tell you what we’ll do – we’ll cross promote your game, sending it elsewhere so you can make more money.

No Risk of Dodgy Affiliates!

Who do you trust?  With all the regulations (think Facebook), we take out the guesswork when it comes to finding affiliates that you can trust.  Our affiliates are pre-screened and individually selected.  Join our network to gain instant access to our premium network of affiliates who play by the rules and are looking to promote the best online games with their targeted traffic. Our goal is to connect you with seasoned marketers who understand this specific marketplace and help you start and foster a mutually conducive relationship.

We Are Facebook Specialists

Ludus focuses on matching affiliates and publishers/developers who specifically target games for Facebook and open web. In addition to specific added-value tools, we also keep a finger on the Facebook pulse in order to continually keep up with changing regulations and trends.  Our due-diligence saves you the time it takes to choose the best games and the risk involved in working with sub-par publishers and developers.

Join Ludus, gain access to the largest, premium online games affiliate network and find your match.

Find the perfect match for your games!